Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our Home

The latest installment of the Our Home picture book dummy was ready for a photo shoot yesterday. It's really exciting to hold a little book in my hands even if it still has a long way to go. And this book has already come a long way! This photo has 5 revisions of Our Home and the most recent one is no longer anything like the first one was.

Our Home is about our beautiful planet and how all of us share this world with the plants and animals  that also live here.

I'll be making finished linocuts of the interior spreads and submitting my book to agents and editors soon. But I'm going to make this book even if it doesn't get published traditionally. I'm so excited to create a finished book after so many sketch dummies!

Above is the completed cover for my latest version. Below I'm going to share some of my favorite finished spreads and drawings from earlier versions of the book. These pieces haven't made it into the new Our Home, but I still like them. They travel back in time to the bottom image from 2011.


  1. Your work is gorgeous! I haven't seen some of these, and that second to last one cracks me up - so fun! :D

  2. Thanks Dow! That one is funny to me too. I think it was just a little confusing concept-wise. I may just have to make it into a stand-alone print for the fun of it though!