Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Evolution of a Dragon

This super neat dragon lives in my town and comes out for parades and other fun community gatherings. He even breathes fire! My daughter, Tessa has always been a little afraid of him, but on this evening he was parked and not breathing fire, so she was willing to approach him.

The photos I took of her with the dragon really were fairytale-like. Not long after their meeting I did this painting in my sketchbook.

After that when I was trying to think of something for our RMC SCBWI image contest, I knew I wanted to work on the dragon and Tessa again.

I had SCBWI on my mind so I wanted the image to emphasize books or reading. Tessa is learning her letters right now and because of that I'm realizing how overwhelming it can be trying to learn 26 letters! And how they all sound! And words that start with those letters! And some of them look a lot alike! And there are UPPER CASE AND LOWER CASE LETTERS! 

But my daughter loves books, and she's learning lots of letters and general ideas about how reading works just from casual conversation while reading. I know she's going to love reading because she loves books so much. This thinking made me realize how learning letters and numbers and reading can be scary just like a dragon. But once you learn how it works and cozy up and make friends with letters, they can be your best friends and even be a little magical, just like an Alphabet Dragon.

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