Sunday, May 29, 2016


If you have a young person handy and you like to draw, collaborating is sooooo much fun! Here are two sketchbooks that Tessa and I have already done. And a favorite page from one of the books:

I was frustrated earlier this week because I'd been doing a lot of updating my website, Pinterest, and things like that and not creating art. So as a way to jump back into art, I had my daughter draw a picture in my sketchbook.

As you can see she's really into drawing circles right now. They looked like tires to me- but what is that big one up high? A boulder?

So I made this drawing. I never would have come up with this without her circles on the page. Having someone else start a drawing is a way to let your problem-solving skills take you somewhere a little different.

And here it is painted. Now I feel fired up and ready to dive into the next project that's on my list! Making pictures is so much fun!

Here are a couple of other artist teams doing wonderful work:

Mica Angela Hendricks and her daughter

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