Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dummy! Again!

Last weekend I finally got through redrawing my dummy, Our Home. I had lots of time while working on it that I really wondered if I was off track, I felt uncomfortable, thought the book was lacking continuity, thought it was too repetitive, and wanted to just hide it away in a drawer. But I kept going and in the end, the book flowed much better than I thought it would.

I got to have quite a few drawing sessions at out beautiful Bud Werner Memorial Library. This table is big enough to spread out an entire book! And the view is so wonderful- the Yampa River is right there, a walking path, a pretty bridge over Soda Creek, A park and playground, golden autumn trees, and a train sometimes goes by just on the other side of the river. I think drawing at the Library is my heaven.

Here it is in book form. The newer version is on the lower right. I decided to simplify the cover image, although it will still be finished as a linocut with color. I don't have much confidence that I know how to make a stand-out cover. I know a lot goes into the layout of a cover! Semadar Megged, art director at Philomel Books gave us a great workshop about book covers at the last RMC SCBWI Conference.

I have sent my dummy, text, and query letter to Harold Underdown (with payment.) I hope to hear some good feedback from him! Afterward I will make changes he suggests, finish some spreads as linocuts and finally submit to publishers.

I actually have some nice news, I applied for a grant from my local Arts Council to cover Harold's editing fee and they awarded me the money! Yay! Thank you Steamboat Springs Arts Council!

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