Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Penguin Journal Cover

I posted earlier about Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search. I entered because I was curious to see what the assignments would be like. The first assignment was to create a journal cover with a vintage playground equipment theme. The word Journal also had to be in the image somewhere.

I had fun trying something different. This linocut is printed on a grid I drew with pencil and painted with watercolor. It has a really different look than my usual, and I think I'll try doing something like this again!

Next, the oddles of people who entered are narrowed down to the top 50. Those 50 people get the next assignment. If I don't make the next round, I hope I will still find out what the assignment is!

Here is the slide image I found online that inspired my piece. Doesn't it look like a fun slide?!


  1. I love the penguins & hope you make a real journal cover of this so I can buy it for my daughter!

    Hope you make the next round of the Talent Search, too (flippers... I mean, fingers crossed)

  2. Thanks Katy- that's nice of you! :)