Friday, June 18, 2010

Starting a linocut

It's not very glamorous but there are a lot of steps to starting a new print. I cut a piece of masonite and a piece of linoleum to size and glue them together.
Then I use a large piece of tracing paper and redraw the whole image.
I flip the tracing paper upside down on the mounted linoleum and rub the back with a metal tool or bone folder. This transfers the pencil lines onto the block backwards.
I usually draw over the transfered lines again because they are light and can start to vanish if you rub your arm across them while carving.

Then I get to start carving!

I want to get this print done ASAP so I can use the image to make postcards to take with me to the LA SCBWI conference- in 6 weeks! I need to get this and another print done so I can include them in my dummy to bring also. Oh boy :)


  1. This is amazing Jill. A lot of work goes into your art. I just love how it turns out too. Are you going to post more so we can see how you do color? That would be fun.

  2. I love seeing your process- very cool- thanks for sharing.