Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Print

These are photos of a new print I'm working on for the header of this blog. It's very long and skinny- 4x17 inches. For linocuts like this, I carve the whole image backwards including the letters and words. Then when it's inked and you lift the paper off, the words appear the right way on the paper. It works just like a stamp does. If you look at the image or text on a rubber stamp it will look backwards. But then when you make the stamp, the image is correct on the paper. Ta-da!


  1. Gotta admire your technique! I need to try another form of print making other than Hewlett Packard inkjet. :o)

  2. Hi. I love your work! Its amazing. Can I ask - what brand of linoleum you use? The linoleum I use seems darker and crumbles when I try and carve letters that small! I know there is no compensating for professional skill, but if there was a better type of lineoleum out there than what I use, I´d love to try it!