Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

It's the end of Earth Day- so, actually it's Earth Night! Here's a photo composite image made from a loose stamped and painted piece, and a drawing of stars.

The concepts behind Earth Day are really important to me but I wasn't able to do anything specific to celebrate today. Just dedicating one day a year to the beauty and health of our planet is obviously not enough to make a difference. But wonderful people are making big and small changes to improve our world daily. Knowledge about the health of our planet  is so much more detailed now than when I was a kid. In the 1970's I remember my father ranting about people who refused to believe that global warming was a reality. We've come a long way in understanding our impact on our world.

One of my favorite photo books about our planet was published in 1988- amazing that it was that long ago! It's called The Home Planet, edited by Kevin W. Kelley. There are beautiful photos taken from space, but I especially love the quotes by astronauts and cosmonauts. These are emotional statements made by people far from home who were able to look back at the Earth and see it  as a whole. The quote in my picture by Edgar Mitchell was taken from this book. I wish someone would make a new version of The Home Planet with new quotes!


  1. Love the illustration!Wow- I didn't know anyone was using such terms in the 70 's. For me it was all about Woodsy Owl and leaving campsites better then you found them becausemy father was a Forest Service Ranger! Your right one day is not enough- did get to teach on it at school- so here is to the next generation!!

  2. Hi Julia- I'm glad you got to do some teaching about Earth Day! And I'm sure you learned a lot of important stuff from your Forest Service father. My father is an environmental scientist and we always heard about poisons from mines and pollution. I was convinced the Earth was going to turn into Venus within about 20 years. Not that he said that, it was just my scared imagination at work!