Saturday, October 13, 2012

Printing on a Rainy Day

Today I got to print the blocks from my last two posts. The printing itself went really well and it reminded me that the added humidity of a rainy day has always seemed to keep the ink nice for longer. I'm happy with the way the Wyoming poem turned out. I think it will look even better with paint.

It was much easier for me to print the four blocks on individual pieces of paper although they would have looked nice printed together on the same piece. Now I will cut a mat with four windows or maybe I'll trim the paper closer to the image and float the artwork on top of a mat. Not sure yet!

And here's Super Knit Girl ready to save the world through knitting!


  1. The knit girl turned out great! Love the stitching on the jeans!

  2. Thanks Julia! I think she's pretty fun. It's certainly a superpower to be able to fly in clogs!

  3. Jill, she looks fabulous!!! I love the clogs too :)

  4. Jill! I LOVE Super Knit Girl! She's wonderful!! And the Wyoming poem turned out so well! :)