Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Week at Penland

Today is my last day at Penland. It's sad to go but I'm also really excited to be home! So here are some of my favorite photos from the second week of my stay. First, the books:

Our class of 10 people made probably about 60 books!

We piled them all on the table at the end and did a photo shoot. Here are Diane, Katie, Nicole, and Laura Wait posing for me in between taking pictures of the books.

These are the two books that I made that I am really happy with. I already traded Night Walk on the left for a beautiful collage painting by Beth Kokol

This is a book that Laura and I made in collaboration with Jim Cooper's metals class for the auction. It has a pewter cover with raised letters spelling Penland 2012.

The last day of the session, everyone in the school shares their work in a gallery setting. It's wonderful to see all of the different work created in just two weeks! I especially loved seeing pieces that friends I talked to each day at meals had made. I took time to visit each studio at least once, but there was so much going on, there was no way to see everything during the session.

In an earlier post, I showed photos of guitars being built in the wood studio. One night, the two instructors, Wayne Henderson and Michael Peyton put on a concert. It was fabulous- what amazing musicians! 

Here are a couple of the completed guitars that were made in the class. Can you imagine making one of those in two weeks?!

This is a photo of the updo my hairdresser Barbara gave me for the auction. It was so tall, I had to duck through doorways! It was a very eye-catching look. I highly recommend Barbara for all your fancy hairstyles.

And lastly, here are more pretty Penland pictures.

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  1. Looks like it was a fabulous time, Jill! Your books look beautiful...(but why am I not surprised?). Welcome home!