Friday, December 30, 2011

Print Exchange

I made this little linocut to be part of an exchange put on by Amy of Wingtip Press. You make 14 small prints  and send them to her in Idaho. You get 12 prints made by other people in return and she uses the extra two for exhibitions and to raise money for hunger relief.

Here's a drawer full of prints I need to paint! (I never make this many in one go, so it's kind of exciting for me.)
And here's the info on the exchange if you want to participate:

Yes, it's time for Leftovers again!  

As you may recall - and for those of you who are new this year - this print exchange developed as a result of cleaning out the flat files and wondering what to do with all those precious, little,  leftover scraps of printmaking paper that we just couldn't bear to toss but were really jamming up the drawers.  I got an idea to create a print exchange asking people to use their leftover scraps to create an edition of 14 prints and receive 12 in return.  Last year we had 120 artists participate and we've had three exhibition to date.  AND (drum roll, please) they're headed to Wharepuke Gallery in Kerikeri, New Zealand in March 2012!  And the really, most sincerely, good news is the funds raised from our first silent auction held last week will help the Hunger Relief Task force ensure food safety and hunger relief for a whole lot of hungry people.

So, please gather all your scraps for Leftovers III.   Here's the scoop:

Prints:  14  (you'll get 12 in return, we keep one for exhibitions and one to raise funds for those who need our leftovers)
Size:  Up to 5" x 7" - can be smaller, but NO larger please!
Cost:  $12.00
Due Date:  March 15, 2012
Ship to:  Wingtip Press
              6940 Butte Court
              Boise, ID   83704

Please advise by return email to with the good news that you wish to participate

And please invite other printmakers to join us
 I will be keeping track of our progress on the Leftovers blog again this year:

May you always, and evermore, have Leftovers,

Wingtip Press

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Night Barn painted

Happy Christmas Eve!

Other parts of Colorado got lots of snow recently but we are still working with a bare minimum here in Steamboat. Even without much snow there are lots of visitors in town, beautiful lights and decorations, and verrrrry cold weather.

Wherever you are I hope you have a cozy happy holiday!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Between the End Pages on facebook!

Marvelous Tina Kugler just set up a facebook page for our group blog. You can click the like button and make me smile!!

There's lots of Christmas goodness going on over there at Between the End Pages. This month we illustrated scenes from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. First, guess what these little clippings came from and then go over there to see if you were right. Ho ho ho! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Night Barn

Here's a new print for my series of Colorado cards. I'll paint it in a few days. This is (more or less) Hahn's Peak in north Routt County, Colorado. On the very peak of this mountain is an old fire lookout station with an amazing view. Can you imagine spending the summer up there?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Illustration Friday: Separated

These tourists got exhausted window shopping and now they are lost and separated from their car! I did this drawing while being a tourist myself in Durango, Colorado. We did manage to find our car each time but sometimes it was hard.

I'm thinking of making this image into a postcard and putting a photo on the back. If I did that which of these photos is the most interesting?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Carol

Here's a little painting I did after watching the recent movie of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I imagined Scrooge and Tiny Tim really hit it off and spent the whole next year practicing singing Christmas carols. Fa la la la laaaaaa!
I carved and printed some tiny snowflake stamps for this painting. Now I want to stamp snowflakes on everything!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Robot Tourists block

I'm finally carving the robot family. Everything is taking longer than expected- isn't that just the way of things this time of year?! While you are waiting patiently for me to finish this (haha) you can see some other great robot illustrations over at Between the End Pages.
Happy December!